Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is what it's all about

The night has once again gotten to be very long and I reach for something to settle my spirit and my wandering thoughts that seem to be very loud in the quietness of this night. Everyone (even the cats), are long asleep.....except me. I've finally decided on a color for the large open concept living space on the main floor of our large townhouse. It's the most refined, soft (but not feminine) with a certain loving brightness and warmth to it all at the same time, elegant, welcoming shade of delicate peach. Now I really really have to try to go to sleep!

There's a song which has always brought me both comfort and strength in every situation you can imagine and I wanted to share it. Amazing that the performance I found of "My Life is In Your Hands" by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was part of an outdoor concert their smaller traveling group (but just as big in sound) gave at a state penitentiary in Louisiana...where the average sentence is 88 years. Angola state penitentiary --- a place the name of which strikes fear and hopelessness in the hearts and minds of those who are either about to go there, have family there or have been to a place where this is familiar

I hope as the music washes over you that it will give you whatever it is you need, and the freedom to feel at peace, and then maybe you might say a little prayer for the souls there who still have not yet found *freedom* even in a place where that word brings thoughts of impossibility. Our life is in His hands.....this is really what it's all about. I pray you're able to find rest there.....and me, too.


Susie Hemingway said...

I love your choice of the delicate peach, it will give such soft reflection and with pretty lamps etc so attractive for a living room. I do hope you are not too stressed with the different changes and that you can find some lovely peace enabling you to get some restful sleep. As you know I am a poor sleeper too and have given up trying, perhaps we just dont need so much these days? take care dear friend.x

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Thanks Susie. I appreciate your input! This is a departure from my typical color palets. Think kind of a peaches and cream with a delicate hint of rose hidden as a undertone. NOT "pink", coral or salmon. Hard to describe. The room is 720 square feet....lot of this color! But I think it will work. And actually, so does John. Thanks again for your kind thoughts and words. I really hope that sleep sneaks up on you with some surprising rest!! xxx